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DNA Electrophoresis

Kem-En-Tec Nordic A/S is your strong partner in the field of electrophoresis – We offer all you need and with more than 30 years of experience, our product specialists can help you with the right solution and troubleshooting.
Our product range covers every aspect of electrophoresis – DNA and Protein – Horizontal and vertical units – Pre-cast gels and reagents for casting your own gels as well as buffers and markers.
DNA electrophoresis
Cells and Power Supplies – Apelex,  Embitec, Hoefer Nippon Genetics Europe
Gels – Horizontal agarose gels and agarose –  Embitec, Hoefer Nippon Genetics Europe
Gels – Vertical precast gels – Anamed, Hoefer
Stains, Markers, Reagents etc – Nippon Genetics Europe,  SERVA, Anamed
Protein electrophoresis
Cells and Power Supplies – Apelex, Hoefer

Electrophoresis reagents
Post Electrophoresis
Gel Doc systems – Nippon Genetics Europe

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