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From Abcam we offer the former Expedeon product line for Proteomics - Gels, stains, purification columns and matrices. Kem-En-Tec Nordic offer competitive prices on the Expedeon product range, local stock and well as support and local help to our customers.

From Abcam we offer the former Expedeon products for Proteomics

Main products

InstantBlue – The 15 minute protein gel stain – With no destaining needed – Simply add to gel and observe protein bands appearing!

RunBlue gels – No more cracked gels – This composite gel offers superior resolution and is so strong that it can be handled without the risk of the gel tearing – NEW – Available in BIS-TRIS formulation – FREE SAMPLES can be ordered

BradfordULTRA – The NEW “Bradford” reagent – Greater linear range and tolerance to detergents and other reagents typically found in protein solution

Feel free to contact our local Product Specialist for more information, samples and quotes.

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